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I've sold more than 100,000 copies of my books.

I've helped USA-Today best-selling authors, CEOs and movie stars with their book marketing.

I've created multiple 6-figure funnels and I can help you do the same.

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Why 80% of Books Published This Year FAIL

Dear Fellow Author,

It's never been easier to publish a book. Anybody can do it.

But it's never been more difficult to actually SELL it.

Anybody can try... and fail. And many have.

The fact is that 80% of books published this year won't even earn enough to cover their publishing costs.

Shocking? Hardly. With over 6 MILLION books gathering digital dust in the vast Amazon jungle, actually being VISIBLE becomes a serious challenge.

Perhaps you've already experienced the bitter taste of online invisibility. After all, the odds are against you.

Maybe you already know what it's like to feel the thrill of seeing yourself as a published author...

...only to have that enthusiasm mercilessly crushed by non-existent sales.

Out of desperation you start searching for ways to get you out of this humiliating experience and you try blogging, Facebook groups, Twitter teams, book trailers, creating merchandise, RSS feeds, YouTube Channels, joining forums, donating books...only to smash into a brick wall over and over again.

You were supposed to be a best-selling author by now, but you end up hardly making enough to buy dinner at your local diner!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don't feel bad - you're not alone and it's not your fault.

Remember the first time you tried to talk, walk, eat, get potty trained or ride a bicycle? Probably not but I assure you, the first time you tried you didn't do very well.

It was only because you were encouraged, realigned, picked up from the bushes that you eventually learned all this.

See, most people need somebody to mentor them, to believe in them enough so that they can realize their greatness.

There's no shame in having a book that doesn't sell if you don't have somebody who knows exactly what to do, believes in you and cheers you on.

And now you're about to get that!

All You Need Is a System and a Mentor to Experience the Thrill of Being a Best-Selling Author

This system is called R.A.C.E.

R.A.C.E. is what will pull you out of the swamp of author mediocrity.

If you’ve participated in the 5-Figure Author Challenge, and played with your mystery package, you’ve already got the R.


This is the first step to winning the author race.

It means that you need to reach your readers. Before they can form a lifelong relationship with you, they need to know you exist. And there are ways to do it right and ways to completely bomb it.

Reaching is like walking into a bar and making eye contact with that stunning individual that takes your breath away.

If you’ve been paying attention during the challenge, you know what type of romance works best to seduce your readers.

But that won’t get you anywhere near your full potential as an author.

What you need now is the A, C and E.


Once that stunning individual from the bar looks you deeply in the eyes for one second too long, your next goal is to get their number (or have them come over and get yours).

That’s what acquire stands for.

Once readers know that you exist, you want a way to keep seducing them, because if you fail here, it’s game over.


This is a huge milestone that will completely change your relationship with your reader. In our bar situation, this is when you get to first base.

Now remember that the steps that lead to this are crucial. You can’t just kiss a stranger and expect to get anything more than a hard slap in the face. But if you go through steps R and A, C is where you start reaping rewards.


This is the culmination of the R.A.C.E. methodology. This is where you marry your stunning individual from the bar, or in other words, this is when that casual reader who had no idea who you were a few steps ago is now your hard-core true fan.

A true fan is someone who will plow through a snow storm for 3 hours barefoot just to see you.

Just like a true love.

So now that you know all this, how do you win the book sales R.A.C.E?

I have an unprecedented opportunity for you.

For a limited time (see the countdown timer above), I’m opening the doors to 100 determined authors who are serious about making the best-seller list.

I’m going to guide you exactly from where you are now, all the way to bestseller status.

I’m only accepting the first 100 authors and then the doors are closing because I want to give those of you who make it my undivided attention.

The Selling Secrets Multinational Companies Aren't Sharing Apply to YOUR Book!

Maybe you feel like you've tried other systems before, but it just never works out. So you're probably fairly skeptical about my method being the answer to getting your book sales rolling in.

But Author Remake is different.

That's because it's been designed based on the unique expertise I bring from years of working with Vice Presidents of multinational companies as business planner.

I know how products are created, launched, marketed and sold.

Only I've never been able to reveal the insider secrets before because of my vow of silence agreement.

Until now.

I'm no longer tied by it.

So you get me as YOUR book business planner.

I'm going to make 100 people best-selling authors!

The question is: will YOU be one of them?

I'm here to assert that NOTHING ELSE can give you the success, respect and prestige you deserve that these insider secrets can and do when fully understood and properly deployed.

So here's what we're going to do:

  • Create What Your Readers Will Buy

    No successful company throws a new product on the market and hopes it sells. Neither should authors just write a book and hope… Hope is NOT a strategy. This is: with Author Remake you develop a deep understanding of who your target audience is and what they want to spend their money on. And you create that. THIS is where most authors fail. They get this crucial part wrong and they hammer on trying to promote a book that has NO COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL whatsoever. The interesting part is that your manuscript itself is only one element of your BOOK (PRODUCT) and even if you haven’t done the market research you should have (I’ll show you how to do it by the way – so you’re all set for your next book), we can still REMAKE what you’ve got with smart packaging. Your book is going to be the one readers see when they search Amazon for entertainment or for a solution to their problems.

  • Put It Where They'll See It

    Have you heard of the three most important elements to business success being location, location and location? We’ll go way deeper than that but LOCATION is key. While Amazon is the FIRST place you want to have your book, it’s most definitely not the last. In Author Remake I’ll show you how to make sure your book pops in Amazon searches but if you’re only using Amazon to sell your book, you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table. We’ll dive deep analyzing WHERE buyers will actually SEE and BUY YOUR BOOK.

  • Make it Easy for Them to Buy

    How you price your book is absolutely CRUCIAL and this alone can be the difference between an epic success and a monstrous failure. Your price is going to depend on a number of factors. Have you ever noticed how airplane ticket prices magically increase when you check the price again? They simply know that you’re interested and that’s why they can charge more from you. We’re going to divide our readers into interested and not yet interested and that’s how we’re going to price your books. But that’s not the only thing we’re going to do. We’re going to give them an irresistible offer they simply cannot refuse.

  • Attract More Eager Buyers Like a Magnet and Increase Your World Domination!

    This part may seem deceptively simple, which is why so many fail at it. There are actually 15 success factors to it, but most people understand and work with only two or three. This is scientific marketing. We’re going to capitalize on what we’ve done up till now to grow your world domination. Once we know what’s working for YOUR book we’re going to drive traffic to your website and retail sales pages. A lot of it. We’re going to make your readers’ experience with you fun, something to tell their friends about, something to belong to.

Let's Make YOU a Best-Selling Author Starting NOW! When You Join Author Remake You Will Discover:

  • What you absolutely must do before you even think about hitting "publish".

  • Exactly how anyone can launch a book with bang - it's not as tough as you think (and it's probably different than you think, too!).

  • The secret to outselling your competition, even if you haven’t sold a single book yet.

  • How to build a strong platform that will outperform all social media combined (the usual advice is out of date and doesn't work anymore).

These are the same secrets I've used to replace my corporate salary and run a book business I operate with just my computer and an internet connection.

The same secrets that allowed me to free myself from the cubicle and travel the world while doing the work I love.

The same secrets that allowed me to make a comfortable living from what I've created.

And I guarantee these book marketing secrets will work for you!

Other Authors Call Me a "Genius", even a "God-Send"!

  • Bob Voermans
    If you want support from someone who is on top of everything in the self-publishing world go to Alinka.
    Bob Voermans
  • Kristine Tauch
    Alinka's direct and fast way of explaining make you understand quickly and pick up how to “do it yourself” straight away (without losing time).
    Kristine Tauch
  • Jennifer Ball
    Alinka Rutkowska is such a God send when it comes to authors, especially new ones. She’s taken all of her experiences as an author from the beginning with the struggles until now as an Award Winning Author with all the strategies that helped get her there, and she’s put it all in tutorials for us.
    Jennifer Ball
  • Leyla Brown
    Alinka is a genius! Her methods are simple but effective .
    Leyla Brown
  • Colby R. Rice
    Alinka not only gives some incredible value, insider tips, ninja pro tactics, and some really wonderful templates, but you’ll also be able to create your own personal launch plan that will take your books and your writing career to the next level.
    Colby R. Rice
  • Joyce Mitchell
    Alinka Rutkowska has put together some of the best tools available for an author to market their books and to learn the “flow” of sales. I highly recommend her work!
    Joyce Mitchell
  • P.F. Costa
    We all know how much the success of a book launch depends on the author’s efforts to promote his/her work. The question is: how can we do it? Alinka Rutkowska’s system provides us with the description of a chain of relevant and useful promotion procedures based on her experience.
    P.F. Costa
  • Julie Watson
    Thank you Alinka for all your support and help in sharing all your experience and expertise. Thank you for all your ideas to get books noticed by the world. Your help and support is very much appreciated.
    Julie Watson
  • C. Lee McKenzie
    I’m one of those hybrid authors who has been traditionally published and have taken the Indie route as well. I’m getting ready to launch another book on my own and I found that I had lists and sticky notes just about everywhere. Disorganized! I stumbled on Alinka’s system and tried it to see if I could streamline this launch. So far it has helped a lot. Instead of those scattered lists and notes, I have a step by step guideline to refer to.
    C. Lee McKenzie
  • Beran Perry
    As an author and editor of 30 books, I was delighted to work with Alinka on how to develop my self-publishing business further. Having researched the market for this type of advice very thoroughly I was pleasantly surprised and eventually most impressed with the quality of advice and information she gave. She is the Best!
    Beran Perry
  •  Bryce Bronstein
    I loved Alinka’s ideas and guidance and I appreciate her generosity. I accomplished what I intended – to feel encouraged and to think in a forward kind of way!
    Bryce Bronstein
  • Lynda in the U.K.
    Alinka is a very intelligent, creative and sensitive woman. She has a quick mind and loads of experience in all areas of writing, marketing and self publishing. Her natural ability to communicate her ideas means she makes a great coach, facilitator, and mentor. I have several of her courses and have been impressed with her videos and easy-to-understand teaching methods. Alinka's latest course Author Remake Pro is no exception. It leaves no stone unturned as she takes you through all the steps of writing, formatting, marketing and self publishing your book. What is even more amazing is that she also becomes your mentor. Unlike many people on the internet, with Alinka it is not all about the money; she really does want to help you become a successful author and achieve your dreams. She follows up all the course content by sending you emails to keep you focused and personally answers your questions. I am still working my way through the course which is proving to be invaluable. Once more, I take my hat off to Alinka; she has my vote and I highly recommend Author Remake Pro for all authors and would-be authors no matter where you live. Take the plunge! Buy it now!
    Lynda in the U.K.
  • Simonne Holm
    Alinka is awesome — a real star, super helpful and a real good coach! I’ve worked with Alinka on my book just before my launch and cannot tell you how thankful I am. She immediately spotted what I needed and guided me all they way to a perfect launch. Alinka definately knows her way around Amazon and anything related to promoting a book. How do you think I felt being a #1 best-selling author?
    Simonne Holm
  • Diane Mae Robinson, Int’l multi-award winning children book author
    Author Remake is quite simply incredible! The course offers a wealth of information about everything a self-publishing author needs to know to be able to succeed in this highly competitive market. I know my career will soar to new heights, and I’m absolutely delighted. I highly recommend this course!
    Diane Mae Robinson, Int’l multi-award winning children book author
  • Alinka's support does not wane. You will be encouraged and supported throughout this course.
    Jan Heller
  • Pranav Lal from
    You are the only person who has been able to break down book marketing into a step-by-step system that will take me from zero customers to where ever I am going. I have taken stacks of webinars, tried several products but none of them are as clear as you. You have also broken down the research into steps that I have been able to follow. You are producing videos but with superb audio content. As you know, I cannot see videos but your descriptions are superb and sufficiently detailed such that more often than not, I understand what you are doing. Finally, you answer your e-mail promptly and are always there.
    Pranav Lal from
  • Lynn Baber
    After two profitable careers, I'm one of a million writers competing for readers. Success isn't difficult if you know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it well. If you're willing to do the work, Alinka Rutkowska's Author Remake program provides the what, when, and how. Successful people know how to invest wisely. As one of Alinka's students, I'm already realizing a far greater return on investments of time, energy, and cash. She really answers every email and delivers far more than she promises.
    Lynn Baber
  • I have just finished your Author Remake Pro course. It is a great course for new authors (like me), so I want to thank you and say a few words about the content. The things that particularly suited me were: It covered the whole cycle of publishing from planning through to marketing It is a self-paced online study programme in nice sized pieces to suit busy people! The way you showed practical examples of how you do things yourself gave it a great realism, and your personal advice about things to prioritise was very useful. The extra links and bonus material that you provide gave additional avenues to explore And it was nice to able to interact with you directly even through the online medium. There is so much material out there on the internet, and it can take forever to hunt and research even a small part of it. I tried for three or four months! But your course validated what I had attempted alone and gave so much more. So, I can definitely say that Author Remake Pro is great value and a worthwhile investment. And I will be able to revisit your content as I gain publish more books and gain more experience, so it also has an ongoing value. Thanks again!
  • Doing something the first time usually involves a steep learning curve and self-publishing a book is no exception. For independent authors, Author Remake flattens the learning curve immensely! Thanks again, Alinka. I'm blown away by the level of support you personally provide to those who join Author Remake -- you've exceeded my wildest expectations!
    Bob Marsocci
  • Alinka's Author Remake Pro is a curriculum that I highly recommend, not only for its thorough, step-by-step, courses but also for its painstaking attention to detail. Alinka Rutkowska has created the ultimate author compendium for writers at any stage in their career. I highly recommend Author Remake Pro for any person who has a book in them and I truly believe we all have a story to share. When you are ready to share your story with the world, join Alinka and Author Remake Pro
    JB Michaels
  • Lori Thompson
    I made changes based on the information you taught us in the first coaching call we had and I'm #1 in my category!
    Lori Thompson
  • Betty Shubert
    I have been studying book marketing for the past few years. I have been approached by countless so-called “experts” all trying to sell me on their services. Some I have bought into, only to be disappointed. But ONE Expert stood out from the rest by her logical, useful information, rendered with a sense of humor. I hired Alinka Rutkowska to guide my husband’s wonderful book to Best Seller status.On official launch date, Veterans Day, November 11th, it topped the charts at #1 in WWII, top book in Non-Fiction and #1 in several other categories on Amazon Kindle. I highly recommend Alinka Rutkowska to you.
    Betty Shubert
  • Alinka has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to advising new authors on how to move ahead in the competitive arena of book publishing. Alinka is a natural leader and she makes it her business to enable authors to succeed. She is creative and helpful and her knowledge of the publishing industry and her wealth of experience make her the ideal motivator for any author. With her as your team leader, you can’t go wrong.
    C.F. Kristi

Who Else Wants to Sell Books by the Truckload?

Here's exactly what you're getting right now:

  • The complete Author Remake system, consisting of 6 modules that will show you how to replace your corporate income with book royalties.

  • 10 hours of video content in which you see me detailing what I do, how I do it and pushing you forward to do the same.

  • The insider Q&A session. I answer every question you ask below the video lessons and you also get other authors' points of view.

  • The world's most powerful book sales technique - it works like crazy!

  • The sneaky (but ethical) way to make Amazon redundant.

  • The reason why you should never promote your books before you optimize them for sales.

  • The strange truth about how your book cover directly affects your sales!

  • How the gurus sell books by the truckload without having to get out of their house.

  • My proven 4-step strategy for publishing a book that sells - it's as simple as 123!

  • And I'll even show you how to get 100+ reviews in less than a week - not only is it possible, it's easier to do it this way!

  • The counterintuitive secrets best-selling authors know, but never tell you about pricing your books!

  • And that is only the beginning. After you've gone through Author Remake, what once appeared dark and mysterious will suddenly become clear and easy!

Right about now, if I were you, there would be one question on my mind...

How Much Should It Cost?

You're smart. You looked around and you know that other premium courses and consultations for authors (if offered) sell for thousands of dollars.

In fact my fee for a 10 hour coaching session is $5,000.

And I truly believe that by now you can see that it would be worth that much to allow you to replicate a proven system to finally get your book business started, get the profits flowing, replace your job, and build financial stability for you and your family. 

In fact, I believe Author Remake is worth a multiple of those other products, if only because of the time savings it gives you. We focus on the 20% of the marketing activities that give us 80% of results (and I do tell you what those other 80% of activities that give you 20% of results are as well).

You will know exactly what to do.

Think About This...

  • If the only thing Author Remake did was to show you how to optimize your book for online would be worth $500, yes?

  • If the only thing Author Remake did was to teach you how to sell more books offline than on all the online retailer sites combined... it would be worth $500, yes?

  • If the only thing Author Remake did was to teach you were pricing strategies that maximize your sales... it would be worth $500, yes?

  • If the only thing Author Remake did was to show you how to launch your book with 100+ reviews... it would be worth $500, yes?

  • If the only thing Author Remake did was to show you how to sell by bulk so much it makes Amazon would be worth $500, yes?

  • If the only thing Author Remake did was to teach you how to conquer foreign markets (like the Chinese!)... it would be worth $500, yes?

Three Doors - Pick One

The good news is Author Remake does every single one of those things, and more!


When you take advantage of this special offer right now, your TOTAL investment comes to $497!

And you know what else you get with that? ME! Unlimited email access to me (not a support ticket!). I personally answer every single question you send in.

One of the toughest part of succeeding as an author is doing it alone. That's why when you join today you get paired up with an accountability partner who will push you through and make sure you both achieve your goals.

Plus, as a student, you get a unique affiliate opportunity to make your investment back.

For who? This option is for you if you're on a shoe-string budget but would still want access to the tools and methods I use to get books on the best-seller lists (your investment: $497).


Excellent, “but what if I want LIVE COACHING?” I hear you say.

I’m glad you asked! This is what I designed Author Remake Pro Partner for. On top of everything you get in the previous package you get to pick my brain on 4 group coaching calls. I’ll also give you my Crowdfunding Guide in case you want to make some extra $$$.

TODAY ONLY: you get an unlimited number of group coaching calls - until you're satisfied with your level of success! 

For who? This is the best option for authors who are serious about becoming a #1 best-selling author (your investment: $997).


“Sounds great. But what I really value is personal one-to-one attention. Can you give me that?”

Yes, I can! This is what Author Remake Pro Elite is for. On top of everything mentioned in the two previous packages you get 6 one-to-one coaching sessions in which we go through everything you and only you want to do. I’ll also make sure your books are top-notch material I’ll want to feature in the newsletter I send out weekly to 10,000 libraries and showcase your book every quarter for a year! But that’s not all. You will also get my Copywriting Rolodex and insider secrets I use to scale my business.

When you go for the Partner or Elite option you have group and/or individual time with me. That's time when you fire questions and I fire back answers. You capitalize on the 10,000+ hours and $30,000 I spent learning what works in the book marketing world.

With this option you also get my Best-Seller Guarantee. When you agree to go through the course and follow my guidance at the calls, I guarantee you will become a #1 best-selling author.

The only thing with the Elite package is that there are very few available. The reason for this is that it includes one-to-one coaching with me. You see, my time is my most valuable asset and I have to be very mindful how I spend it. 

When you get the Partner or Elite package you save yourself thousand of hours and dollars spent on doing the wrong thing.

For who? For authors who want a GUARANTEE they will become a #1 best-selling author and want 1-to-1 extra attention that will jumpstart their author career (due to the extra care these authors get, only limited slots available, your investment: $5,000).

Sounds like a great offer to me!

Now, if you're still wavering, and haven't made your decision, what would have to happen for this to be the easiest decision you've made in a long time?

First, remember this is the very best way to learn how to replace your day job with your book royalties...

Then let's make the deal even juicier...

When You Act Now You're Also Getting My 3 Other Courses 100% Free!

These 3 courses will help you master Goodreads, the 100 Review Book Launch and Facebook Ads for Authors, so you can replace your corporate salary with roylaties in record time!

  • Goodreads Cracked

    You will learn how to get a review avalanche by tapping into the power of Goodreads AND build your list at the same time!

  • 100 Review Book Launch

    You will see even more tips and tricks on how you can launch your book with 100 reviews by replicating my step-by-step methodology!

  • Facebook Ads for Authors

    Are you on Facebook? So are your readers! You will learn how to convert regular Facebook users into loyal readers.

Add Alinka Magic ($1,997 Value)!

Here comes something truly special: when you join Author Remake Pro Elite (the package that has private coaching calls included), you are also entitled to Alinka Magic!

Here's how it works: after you've gone through the course, participated in the calls and applied all my suggestions - if your book doesn't hit best-seller status I come in and DO IT FOR YOU!

I'll apply special pixie dust which will ensure your book becomes a #1 best-seller in your category on Amazon and you get the bragging rights to call yourself a best-selling author!

[Value: $1,997]

You Are Protected By This TRIPLE GUARANTEE

GUARANTEE #1: 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Don't even make up your mind right now. Just go ahead and order Author Remake today and try it out. Take a month. If for any reason you are not 100% delighted with Author Remake - if you don't get the system every multinational company uses to launch a new product on the market, if you don't enjoy the unique strategies I teach, and if you don't agree that you will have learnt the 20% of marketing efforts that give 80% results, then simply email me at [email protected] for a rapid, no hassle, no questions asked, courteous 100% refund.

I think you'll agree, that's a pretty solid offer...BUT IT GETS BETTER!

GUARANTEE #2: Best-Seller Guarantee!

I am so confident in Author Remake that I am backing it up with a SECOND guarantee. It's the most daring and generous guarantee I have ever attached to anything.

Here's the deal:

You agree to go through the course and follow my guidance at the calls and I guarantee to make you a #1 Best-Selling Author in your category on Amazon.

You'll now be able to add the #1 Best-Selling author label to your subsequent book covers, to your business cards and in your email signature.

[This guarantee applies to the Pro Elite option - the one that has individual coaching calls included. But you will absolutely have all the tools to pull it off with the other options too. I just won't be able to guarantee it. I do guarantee it when I know we will have individual face to face time.]

I know it sounds unreal but it's as real as it gets. I know how to make ANY book a best-seller.

GUARANTEE #3: Keep the Bonuses No Matter What

Regardless of what you decide about Author Remake, even if you cancel and never pay a sent, I want you to keep ALL the bonuses:

  1. Goodreads Cracked,
  2. 100 Review Book Launch,
  3. Facebook Ads for Authors!

Now, this sounds like a solid offer to me! The only problem with it is that time is running out...

Join now and watch your sales rank improve!

One bad habit many struggling self-published authors have is to peek frequently at the madly vacillating graph tracking their author seller rank on Amazon. I used to this and it was typically a dismal vertigo experience until I joined Alinka’s transformative author re-make course. I still do this today, but the vertigo effect is gone. The transformative moment tellingly corresponds with the date I joined Alinka’s authors group. Do yourself a favor, join Alinka’s author re-make group and put an end to your own author seller vertigo blues. Do it now and I’ll accept your thanks later! -Yossi Lapid

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  • Who is Author Remake for?

    Author Remake is for both beginners and established authors who are looking to improve their book sales. If you're about to publish your book and want to do it right, then this training is for you. If you want to build a long-term platform and audience, then this training is for you. If you just launched your first book but didn’t get the sales you hoped for, then this course is perfect for you. If you’ve been practicing “hope marketing” and/or trial and error so far and finally want to do what really works, then this training is definitely for you.

  • I haven't published a book yet so I have nothing to 'remake'. Is this course for me?

    Yes! If you have a clean slate, you probably won't be shaking your head looking back at your past or present mistakes. It can actually be easier to create something from scratch than to 'remake' what you already have.

  • I write fiction / non-fiction / romance / sci-fi / crime / children's books / insert-genre-here. Will this work for me?

    Of course! The principles I teach here will not only work for any genre but for any business your might run (if you run one). These strategies have been around for a while, it’s just that authors are only catching up now. Since I’m an author who studied business, you will get everything on a silver platter, no matter which genre you write in.

  • Alinka, I'm really interested in your course. But should I enroll now, or will you be running a discount soon?

    On the contrary – this is the discount that’s happening – right now! This is the best time to join.

  • Do you have a money back guarantee?

    Yes, 30 days, no questions asked but I truly believe that you'll be so satisfied with what you get that there won't be any need for that. However if you’re not satisfied with the freedom this course gives you, you get your money back hassle free and you get to keep all the bonuses – that’s my way of saying thank you for your trying it out. And not only do you get this, you also get my guarantee that you will become a best-selling author when you go through the course and follow my guidance at our coaching calls.

  • Can't you just sell my books for me?

    That would be giving you the fish instead of the rod! Plus I'm just one person and the only way I can truly multiply myself to help as many authors as possible (within limit) is via initiatives like this one. That said, I do have a solution for extremely busy authors. Contact me once you're on the inside :)

  • How does this course differ from similar programs out there?

    Short answer: This is the only course with a triple guarantee including a GUARANTEE that you will be a best-selling author. Long answer: Every good author coach will give you the same solid fundamentals. There are two important things to consider when making a decision: 1) What are this author's strengths? Every course will be angled in the direction of the instructor's strengths. And as human beings we all have different strengths. Mine are: - copywriting - I can tell you how to write a title that attract readers like a magnet, how to write a description that sells, how to write your emails and autoresponders and what to write in them. - interacting with people so I'll tell you all about building big launch teams and launching books with 100+ reviews. - psychology so I'll show you how to keep your readers and reviewers engaged. - getting off the beaten path and I've had great success with bulk sales and selling foreign rights (of indie books to traditional publishing houses!). - hunger for knowledge. I can't stop learning and I pass that knowledge onward - to you. 2) Do I resonate with them and their method of communicating? You will essentially be watching your instructor explain concepts for a number of hours so it's important that you like their style, that you resonate with their message and that you like them. If you feel like you'd love to hang out with this person in a lounge sipping a glass of wine together - that's definitely a good indicator ;) We can do that by the way!

  • I’m busy. How much time does it take to complete the course?

    That's totally up to you! I won't drip-feed you the lessons so you can go as fast or as slowly as you wish. The lessons are very to-the-point so that not a minute of your time is wasted. One of the great things about this course is that I only show you what really works, so once you’ve watched and understood the lessons, you can implement them right away! Can you invest 30 minutes a day in your author career? If so, it will take you 3 weeks to complete the course and then you will start building your platform and getting the results you want. Remember, this is long-term thinking. You will have a system that will bring you revenue until you decide to retire.

  • Why is this course $497, $997 or $5,000?

    Well, my fee for creating this result is 25,000 (see But I remember what it’s like to just be starting out and I want you to be able to get your books sales on track right now. That’s why you CAN get it at as little as $497. At $997 you also get four (TODAY: unlimited) group calls. And at $5,000 you get my individual attention, a guarantee that you will become a #1 best-selling author in your category and a boatload of other unique stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

  • What if I can't afford it?

    Well, can you afford to keep struggling? It's always a matter of priorities, but I don't want you to sacrifice anything of importance to you. That's why there's an affordable plan where you've got everything split into 6 convenient installments. You also get an opportunity to make your investment many times back. All you need to do is recommend the course to other authors.

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