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"The purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow." -Buckminster Fuller


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  • Betty Shubert
    I have been studying book marketing for the past few years. I have been approached by countless so-called “experts” all trying to sell me on their services. Some I have bought into, only to be disappointed. But ONE Expert stood out from the rest by her logical, useful information, rendered with a sense of humor. I hired Alinka Rutkowska to guide my husband’s wonderful book to Best Seller status. On official launch date, Veterans Day, November 11th, it topped the charts at #1 in WWII, top book in Non-Fiction and #1 in several other categories on Amazon Kindle. I highly recommend Alinka Rutkowska to you. -Betty Shubert
    Betty Shubert
  • C.F. Kristi
    Alinka has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to advising new authors on how to move ahead in the competitive arena of book publishing. Alinka is a natural leader and she makes it her business to enable authors to succeed. She is creative and helpful and her knowledge of the publishing industry and her wealth of experience make her the ideal motivator for any author. With her as your team leader, you can’t go wrong. -C.F. Kristi
    C.F. Kristi
  • Simonne Holm
    Alinka is awesome — a real star, super helpful and a real good coach! I’ve worked with Alinka on my book just before my launch and cannot tell you how thankful I am. She immediately spotted what I needed and guided me all they way to a perfect launch. Alinka definitely knows her way around Amazon and anything related to promoting a book. How do you think I felt being a #1 best-selling author? -Simonne Holm
    Simonne Holm
  • Beran Perry
    As an author and editor of 30 books, I was delighted to work with Alinka on how to develop my self-publishing business further. Having researched the market for this type of advice very thoroughly I was pleasantly surprised and eventually most impressed with the quality of advice and information she gave. She is the Best! -Beran Perry
    Beran Perry
  • Lynn Baber
    After two profitable careers, I'm one of a million writers competing for readers. Success isn't difficult if you know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it well. Successful people know how to invest wisely. As one of Alinka's students, I'm already realizing a far greater return on investments of time, energy, and cash. She really answers every email and delivers far more than she promises. -Lynn Baber
    Lynn Baber
  • Leyla Brown
    Alinka is a genius! -Leyla Brown
    Leyla Brown
  • Bob Voermans
    If you want support from someone who is on top of everything in the self-publishing world go to Alinka. -Bob Voermans
    Bob Voermans
  • Jennifer Ball
    Alinka Rutkowska is such a God send when it comes to authors, especially new ones. -Jennifer Ball
    Jennifer Ball
  • Colby Rice
    Alinka will take your books and your writing career to the next level. -Colby Rice
    Colby Rice
  • Joyce Mitchell
    I highly recommend her work! -Joyce Mitchell
    Joyce Mitchell
  • Lynda Boggis
    Unlike many people on the internet, with Alinka it is not all about the money; she really does want to help you become a successful author and achieve your dreams. -Lynda Boggis
    Lynda Boggis

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